The World of Google Dorks: Unearthing the Hidden Web

The World of Google Dorks: Unearthing the Hidden Web

Have you ever wondered about the secret side of the internet, the part that’s not indexed by regular search engines? Enter the world of Google Dorks, a fascinating realm where savvy users can uncover hidden information and potential vulnerabilities within websites and web applications.

What Are Google Dorks?

Google Dorks are search queries that exploit the search engine’s advanced operators to pinpoint specific types of information. They can be used for various purposes, from finding open directories to uncovering sensitive data inadvertently exposed online.

Unveiling the Hidden Web

  • intitle:”Sharing API Info”

  • intext:"user" filetype:php intext:"account" inurl:/admin

  • intitle:"Fleet Management Portal"

  • "index of docker"

  • site:"*.edu" intitle:"index of"|"*.db"

  • site:"*.edu" intitle:"index of"|"*.json"

  • inurl:"UserLogin/" intitle:"Panel"

  • allintitle:"code-server login"

  • intitle:index of

  • intext:"administrator" filetype:txt intext:"account" inurl:/admin

  • intext:"administrator" filetype:txt intext:"account" allinurl:

  • inurl:*/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/

  • Re: “index of /backup.sql

  • intitle:”index of” google-maps-api

  • intitle:”Index of” inurl:/backup/ “”

  • intitle:”index of” github-api

  • Re: intitle:index.of conf.php

  • inurl:wp-content/uploads/wcpa_uploads

  • inurl:/wp-login.php?action=register intext:”Register For This Site”

  • inurl:user intitle:”Drupal” intext:”Log in” -”powered by”

  • CMS Made Simple < 2.2.10 — SQL Injection

  • inurl: /libraries/joomla/database/

  • inurl:”php?sql=select” ext:php

  • allintitle:”Opengear Management Console”

  • site: zoom+meeting+passcode

  • intitle:”index of” “.sql”

  • inurl:tech “login”

  • inurl:/phpMyAdmin/index.php?server=1

  • For Google dork

  • inurl:”cf/assets” “MultiFileUpload.swf”

  • intitle:”Index of /bank/”

  • inurl:php?id=1 site:com

  • intitle:”Index of /api/”

  • intitle:”index of” “.ssh” OR “ssh_config” OR “ssh_known_hosts” OR “authorized_keys” OR “id_rsa” OR “id_dsa”

  • inurl:wp-config.txt intext:mysql

  • google dork give nginx.conf file

  • inurl:”adminLogin/” intitle:”Admin Panel”

  • intitle:”index of /wp-content/plugins”

  • google dork give nginx.conf file

  • inurl:uux.aspx

  • intitle:”index of” “config.txt”

  • intitle:”index of” “pass.txt”

  • inurl:/login.aspx

  • inurl:/admin.aspx

  • inurl:/login.aspx

  • inurl:”/geoserver/ows?service=wfs”

  • inurl:/login.aspx

  • index of cpanel.txt

  • inurl:/admin.aspx

  • inurl:”/login.aspx” intitle:”user”

  • inurl:”/login.aspx” intitle:”adminlogin”

  • allintitle:”A8810–0"

  • Re: inurl:”/user” intitle:”userlogin”

  • intitle:”SCM Manager” intext:1.60

  • allintitle:”macOS Server”

  • intitle:”index of” “

  • intitle:”index of” “profiler”

  • Re: inurl:”/admin” intitle:”adminlogin”

  • Vulnerable Files

  • inurl:wp-content/uploads/sites

  • RE: inurl:/wp-content/uploads/wpo_wcpdf

  • intext:”ArcGIS REST Services Directory” intitle:”Folder: /”

  • intitle:”PaperCut login”

  • allintext:static/uploads

  • inurl:tech “login”

  • inurl: /default.rdp

  • inurl:wp-includes

The Ethical Use of Google Dorks

While Google Dorks can be a treasure trove of information, it’s essential to use them responsibly and ethically. These queries can expose sensitive data and vulnerabilities, so they should be employed for legitimate security research purposes.

Protecting Your Web Presence

To stay safe from prying eyes and potential security threats, web administrators should regularly audit their systems and secure sensitive data. Ensuring that your website or web application isn’t susceptible to Google Dorks is a crucial step in maintaining a strong online presence.


Google Dorks are powerful tools that offer a glimpse into the hidden corners of the internet. Whether you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast or a website administrator, understanding how these queries work can help you protect your online assets and uncover potential security risks. So, dive into the world of Google Dorks responsibly, and unlock the secrets of the web.